Websites That Feature Roulette Chats

I want to find some sort of roulette chat to sign up for, because I feel like chats that are based around a roulette concept are a lot easier to find new people that are interesting. On a lot of services, and chat rooms, I have had trouble locating people that I enjoy having a conversation with. When things are random, it makes it a lot easier to find people with different perspectives than your own. Also, I feel like there are a number of other inherent reasons why a roulette chat, where the chats are matched up in a totally random manner, are superior to other venues where you have to find people to talk to on your own, in a much more deterministic manner.

I feel like there is less of a chance to talk to someone who is going to be rude, or otherwise offensive, when the person you are connected with has been chosen at manner.