We Moved to the Lookout Canyon Area of San Antonio

We were looking for a nice place to live in the Lookout Canyon area of San Antonio, Texas. My friend had nice things to say about Bridge Property Management, so we looked into some apartments they have in that area. The Regency is a nice place. We enjoyed our tour of one of the available apartments and all of the on-site amenities. I must admit that the first thing that caught my eye was that big curvy swimming pool. It was a hot day, and it looked very inviting. The place we were living at did not have a pool. They did not have much in the way of things we liked, and that is why we were looking for a new place.

Once we saw the apartment, we were pretty much sold. The kitchen looked really great with it black appliances. The color of the wood of the cabinets contrasted very well with the black appliances. The rooms were the perfect size for us too. A real plus is that we could bring our dog. That is the only reason we rented the last place last year. It was pet-friendly, but they did not even have a place to walk your dog. The Regency has a dog park! We actually took some time to let our dog play n the park before we left. He had a great time. That was another big selling point that got us to sign a lease and put down a rental deposit that day.

It did not take too much time for us to move. We were in our new place in less than two weeks. I do not even think our old neighbors realized we had left. We were very happy to be in a new place that was more fitting to our lifestyle.