Trying to Get Hold of This Old Project Car

All posts by this author ยปI kind of fell into this scavenger hunt because I was dating this girl who does clerical work for a ny bankruptcy law firm. Of course she knew that I was really interested in old cars and she was asking me if I was interested in a Packard Super Clipper. Of course I was not really aware of the car, but I got to see this car and I think it could really be a beautiful thing with the right restoration. It is a 1955 Packard Super Clipper with a very unique looking red and black paint scheme and a great amount of chrome. At this time Packard was the direct competitor to Cadillac for the luxury model and the particular car had all of the add ons. I have no clue what it is worth, but the fact is that the people who are selling it have even less an idea. They seem to think it is just an old piece of junk along with all of the others.

In fact there are three of these cars and it is obvious that the idea was to make one car out of the three of them. Unfortunately the guy who owned them got into a business disagreement with someone with a 9mm pistol. The appearance is that the guy was not a legitimate business person and the IRS is picking over his bones as though they are looking for something nefarious. It is difficult for me to worry about all of that, but of course it makes things very difficult for me. You have all sorts of people standing in line with their hands out and no one seems to be in charge, then you have the IRS looming over the entire process like some really ominous and dark entity.