The Shoes That I Like the Best

We need shoes. Ever since the dawn of man we decided we needed shoes. It makes sense since it makes us walk longer and walk over some very painful objects with it. Without it, we would have some pretty bloody feet.

One of my favorite mens shoes to wear is the very simple but very useful tennis shoes. Those things are the best. They are very comfortable and let you do lots of stuff. They are to me the most versatile shoe out there in the market. From being cozy and useful they have lots of great designs. Nothing can beat wearing these shoes. I am sure others will disagree but I’m sure they still like the tennis shoe a lot.

Another good pair of shoes that I like is dress shoes. Getting a good pair of dress shoes is essential to looking spiffy in any nice occasion. If you don’t look your best then when will you? These shoes look great in any suit and dress pants affair and they really up the class. Make sure to get shoes that do fit you and don’t hurt your heels. I have bought a few pairs that have done this to me before and have cut my heels in the process. Talk about PAINFUL. Try to avoid this by making sure the shoes you buy are of the right size and have enough padding in the back part where the heel hits the back part of the shoe.

Another great shoe pair to have for men is of course some strong boots. What kind? Any kind. As long as it boots they count! This all depends on the person and what their utility they will have. Cowboy boots are useful to cowboys and steel toe boots are more useful to construction workers. It is all about utility with boots.

Those are my favorite shoes. I bet you have similar taste or not but either way shoes are necessary in this life.