The Landlord is Selling This Place

Of course that is one of the reasons it is a bit ridiculous that I am going to have to hire a moving out cleaning for Singapore to get my security deposit back. The building is going to be a big pile of rubble once they get all of the people out of it and so it does not do anyone any good at all to get it cleaned up. That is not to say that the landlord wants to give me back the money unless he has no choice at all in the matter. In fact I am pretty sure that unless you get it done almost perfectly there is a great chance he will try to keep it. This is the reputation that he has, but it does not make him any difference from pretty much any other landlord that you ever heard anything about. They all play the game like that and they all try to keep the deposit if there is any way to justify it and some times without justification.

I sat down with the guy and tried to work out a deal. I told him the obvious thing. If I had to hire one of those cleaning places, that would likely cost me about a hundred and fifty bucks. So I told him we should just split that and he could keep seventy five bucks. He smiled and tried to get me to make a hundred bucks instead. We haggled for a little while, but at the end of the day I stuck to my number and since he was going to make money without doing anything he liked the idea just fine. He told that he would not mind if I spread the word around about it either, which made lots of sense for him.