The English Tuition Class Has Our Children Teaching Us!

Strong language skills are a necessity to succeed in today’s employment markets. Usually those who know multiple languages are chosen over others when the rest of the skills are equal. English is the language of modern business. Every corporate executive knows this, and this is why we wanted our children to be very strong in English. We have them participate in a small class english tuition program that is really advancing them in reading, writing speaking and comprehension.

It is one thing for a person to speak English fluently, and another thing to be able to read and write it fluently. Plenty of executives gain a good foothold on speaking the languages of those who they do business with, but many cannot read and write these languages. We wanted our children to be able to communicate in reading, writing, speaking and understanding the languages used in business today.

Both our son and daughter, who are twins by the way, have strong technical skills.