The Ancient Chinese Secret to Relieving Pain

There must be something to it for so many medical places to offer it. There are even veterinarians who recommend it for treating pets that have chronic pain. The medical ideology behind it has been around for thousands of years. Way longer than our modern medicine practiced here in the west. After looking at all of the places that offer it or recommend it to pain patients, I figured I would give a Chicago acupuncture specialist a try. I had nothing to lose by the experience. It was much better than my surgery options. I did not want to take three months of physical rehabilitation just to be able to return to my work.

It is nice to have options. I am convinced that many things can be repaired with modern surgical intervention. However, I do not think it should be a one-stop-shop for all the things that can cause pain in our joints and muscles. My pain got so bad that I could barely lift my right arm. I was also losing strength in the muscles from not using them as much. I started driving using my other hand, because it was too painful to keep my right hand on the steering wheel. I even switched my wallet to the other side. The pain was real and excruciating. It was on my mind constantly to the point I could not get much sleep.

The surgery option came with at least three months of rehabilitation therapy on the joint. From my standpoint the acupuncture could begin to help immediately. Who would not want immediate relief from longstanding chronic pain? I tried painkillers for a couple of months, then I got off of them. The pain never went away; it was just dulled while the pills worked. I wanted the pain gone because of the joint working normally again. Acupuncture was my choice for therapy.