Physics Help is on the Way

Early this year, my daughter began a physics class and started to get poor grades. When she got her first one, she was afraid to show it to me and ran off to her room crying. I told her that everything would be fine, and all she had to do was study harder and ask for help if she needed it. She kept trying, but the assignments came back with worse grads each time. I decided that I had no choice but to go to It was from this website that I was able to hire a tutor for my daughter.

Although my daughter was sad about her grades, she didn’t want to have a tutor. She saw a tutor as something that only the dumb kids needed, and felt that the other kids would label her that way if they knew she had a tutor. I told her that no one else would have to know that she had a tutor. It was weird hearing her say this, because I thought that by getting poor grades, the other kids would be more likely to label someone as dumb. I’m pretty sure my daughter wasn’t the only one in her class that was getting bad grades, so they shouldn’t be so quick to pick on anyone.

As my daughter worked with the tutor, her idea of having one changed. She realized that without the tutor, she wouldn’t be able to understand physics in the same way and would still be getting the same bad grades. She also realized that it would be dumb to not accept help when it has the chance of making your life better. Initially she was silent about her having a tutor, but now she tells everyone about it, and no one makes fun of her for it.