Our HVAC Systems Needed Inspected

One of the reasons I have been able to climb up the ladder so quickly is because of my attention to detail. I don’t take shortcuts either, which is something that my predecessor seemed to do a lot of. I was promoted to the top position at a manufacturing plant in New York City, and I took my job of turning the place around very seriously. I delegated a lot of things, but I wanted to take care of the HVAC maintenance in NYC myself. I was really surprised to find out that manager who was here before me did have any kind of maintenance plan in place.

I have been in too many different plants to not realize that this was just a disaster waiting to happen. There was no way we could expect people to work if the plant was too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter months. I wanted this taken care of immediately so we would lose any production time. I looked at several HVAC companies in the area, and I knew that Air Repair USA was the best one for a job of this size.

I liked that they spelled their maintenance plans out right there on their website. They did not leave any guesswork to what is involved. They handle replacing the filters, any belts that need it, inspecting all of the wiring and electrical aspects, looking at the coils to make sure they are in proper condition, inspecting the thermostats, and so much more. I contacted them to see if they could get started on this right away, because to my knowledge, none had been inspected in at least several years. When they said yes, I knew I had picked the right company to get our HVAC systems back on track.