Nice Apartments in Albuquerque Area

I am going to need to move into an apartment at some point in the next couple of weeks. I have an apartment right now, but the lease is ending at the end of the month, and I do not wish to continue to live in this apartment. I did not have a very good relationship with the management at this apartment complex, and as such, I am going to be looking for a new place to live, and I hope to find some place that is fairly nice. I want to look for apartments around albuquerque right now, and I am really hoping that the Internet will be able to help me out a lot with this process, because I do not see myself actually making a trip there to find an apartment before I move out of my parents apartment.

My parents do not actually live in Albuquerque, but it is the closest city of any reasonable size to where they live. I guess that you could say that their house is fairly remote. I guess that they really enjoy their privacy. However, I have always seen it as kind of an inconvenience. And I would really like to find an apartment that is located close by to a lot of different types of stores and other businesses. I am fairly fond of being able to walk to restaurants and other stores, but I have not been able to do such ever since I moved back in with my parents after I graduated from college. I guess that I am most interested in finding a good deal on a single bedroom apartment. I think that is the right size for my current needs, and anything smaller would not give me enough room to put all of my furniture in the apartment.