Have a Private Sale with the Services of a Real Estate Agency

I have sold two pieces of real estate in my lifetime so far. The first one was when I was the manager of my late grandmother and grandfather’s estate. I had a real estate agency handle the whole thing. The commission was high enough that the sale of the home barely covered the final expenses of my grandparents. They had acquired some debt later in life due to illness. It would have been better if I had done a private sale of their home. Fortunately, everything got paid.

I learned my lesson from that real estate sale. When my brother asked me to help him sell his hunting cabin, we did it as a private sale. It was so much better having the control in our hands. He paid a flat fee for real estate services he needed to sell his cabin. We got it listed on a multi-listing service for a flat fee. We got a system to take the phone calls so we would not be interrupted at work, dinner with our families or when relaxing in the evening at home. We also had a really professional looking sign delivered that we put up ourselves.

Then we decided to pay a small fee to have a lock box with the key to the cabin put on the front door. This was a great decision. It allowed freedom to let real estate agents inside with their own clients to see the cabin. That was what made the sale. we were not even there to show the place. An agent brought up a client on a Saturday morning while my brother and I were still at home with our families. It sold that morning for the price he wanted. The flat fees avoided all of the big commissions that would otherwise have gone to the real estate agency. It was a good deal.