Getting the Roof Done Right

When I took over my father’s business, I knew that there were some things that I was going to have to change and fix because of the way he handled some business matters. He was always about saving an extra buck where he could. Sometimes, this was extremely beneficial. Other times though, it just meant spending more money to fix a shortcut that didn’t work out quite right. I had always been concerned about his maintenance crew, and I knew that I was probably going to contact a company that handles commercial roof replacement in Morris County NJ.

His hand picked crew is great for lawn maintenance and minor repairs, but I was concerned when he had them fixing major issues like roof repairs and even plumbing issues. They simply were not trained to do these kinds of jobs, but my dad stood by them and their work out of loyalty. When he finally handed the reins over to me, I at least wanted a professional company to come and look at the roof. I had a feeling I would need to have it replaced. I knew that it would be better to do it now rather than let a damaged roof exist and potentially cause more problems in the future.

I was able to find a company that has been in the area for over 10 years, and they came to look at the roof the same week that I called them. They were very tactful after I explained the condition of the roof, but they did suggest having it replaced. They explained the potential problems just waiting to happen, and I appreciated their honesty as well as being patient and answering all of my questions. It was this professionalism that had me hiring them that same day to replace the roof.