Competition in Electrical Power Supply to Homes is Good

Our state is one of those states where you can pick who it is that supplies your electricity. It isn’t like other things such as TV where they would come out and give you a new dish on your roof. They don’t come out and hook up new electrical wires. No, it is just more about the rate you pay due to the supplier you pick. I did not know which company to pick to supply the electricity to our home so I went to for some help in deciding.

I think it is a good thing to be able to have that choice. If you have two grocery stores in a neighborhood, there is competition in prices. If you have two TV providers you can choose from, then it prevents a monopoly on pricing. Being that we have so many electricity suppliers to choose from, there is a lot of competition in the pricing. You can even choose based on whether or not you want your electricity generated using green energy technologies, or if you want it from fossil fuel burning power generation plants. You make a choice with your energy dollars instead of the choice being made for you.

It used to be that you had the electric company and that was it. Now you have a lot of different companies working to generate power. And instead of them just being able to sell it locally, they can sell it pretty much anywhere. The electricity they generate is pumped into the grid. The grid distributes electricity where it needs to go. The technology available now is incredible. I have read stories about states that pull in power from other states when their power generation facilities cannot keep up with demand. And we are a power hungry nation when it comes to our electricity.