Angel Investor: Finding the Right Investor for My Business

I had decided that I wanted to start investing. I knew nothing about it so I had to go online and learn more about it. I would ask a friend, too, who made a lot of money with investing.

The first thing I did was get online and start reading. I found a company called angel investor that looked interesting. I wanted to know more about it before I asked my friend. I did not want to sound like a total newbie, even though I was. I also found a few helpful sites and I read and learned quite a bit. I was starting to get more and more interested in the thought of investing since I was learning more about it. While there may be some risk, it seemed like the reward could be great. I think I was getting more and more excited about the thought of making more money since it could help me and my family out.

I decided I would talk to my friend next and see what kind of advice he had for me. He said he did a lot of his work with angel investing. I was glad to hear that as I was a little bit familiar with that company and they seemed to have a really good reputation. I knew that working with someone with a good reputation would help me feel a lot better. I asked my friend tons of questions and he was eager to answer me. I was grateful for his help and he said he thought I would do really good in my investing efforts.

I finally stuck my feet in the water of investing. I did start small and invested only a small amount to begin with. I did not want to lose my neck right away. As I got more and more comfortable, I started to invest more.