It isn’t always about how many visitors your website has, or how they get there. Most of the time you’ll want to know why – why they came to your site and what made them choose your site over the millions of other sites on the web.

Delineate gives you this information by tracking not only your website’s visitor information but that of every delineate user to create a greater knowledge base of your visitors and their interests. The system provides all of the information you would expect from a modern day statistics package together with specific information about every hit, search engine request and visit.

What does delineate do?

Expandable XML base
Delineate Code
The basis of delineate is an XML based API that lets you access your information in any form you want. Don’t like the AJAX-based interface? Create your own version that shows what you want!
Traditional functionality and new features
Delineate Map Pins
Everyone loves following their days visit totals and seeing how people came to their site this week. How about unique referrers and visitor’s locations, and what about the path your visitors take through the site?


A massive knowledge base of visitors
Delineate Listing
Your visitors don’t only visit you, so why limit your knowledge of them to your site? Find out what your visitors look for in other sites and improve how you attract them to you.


How do I get delineate?

Delineate is currently being beta-tested, and is not yet ready for public consumption. We are not currently accepting new users, although we will make an announcement when we are.