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News & Updates

Delineate-Blue-World-GlobeRecent errors
20th October, 2012
Apologies for the recent PHP warnings – these were being generated by the web service that provided visitor locations. Until a replacement can be found, no visitor latitudes/longditudes will be stored.
We’re back!
5th October, 2010
Thanks to the great Kevin Sparks of GleemHost, delineate is back up and running, with a new website and some minor functionality upgrades. Stay tuned for more features coming soon.
Hosting problems
5th October, 2007
The current hosting company have stitched me up and delineate will be down for a few days while alternative hosting is found. Stay tuned.
Revision 0.2 goes live
28th September, 2006
The system has been overhauled to run off the new XML based API. You can now access your raw data and display it in any way you wish!
New client files
15th September, 2005
There are two new clients available for PHP users, which use alternative methods of contacting the delineate servers. Visit the client page to get hold of them.